Cigar & Spirits Magazine Mentions 3 Of Our Favorite Vodkas

Cigar & Spirits Magazine, Leonardo Dicaprio Cover Page 91, AnestasiA Vodka Cameo, Cigar & Spirits Magazine

This month’s issue of Cigar & Spirits Magazine featured 3 of our “Best Tasting Vodkas”:  AnestasiA, ZING, and Absolut ELYX.

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AnestasiA Vodka was mentioned in the story “A Perfect Evening on the Town,” by writer Brendan Magone. Brendan writes that while watching the aquatic, choreographed sensation known as Bellagio Fountains, you should be sipping chilled, gold-medal winning AnestasiA. The story is on page 88 with AnestasiA’s cameo on page 91. Click the second picture to see the part of the story with AnestasiA Vodka. (Also note, AnestasiA Vodka is often misspelled Anastasia Vodka, due to the popularity of the Russian name Anastasia.)
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And both ZING and Absolute Elyx were given high marks in taste and presentation.

Regarding ZING, they said:
ZING is the new vodka from the Maloof Family, famous for their ownership of the Las Vegas Palms Casino Resort. Made in Rochester, New York from a blend of corn and wheat, ZING is quadruple distilled in a state-of-the-art column still, and is then subjected to a rigorous filtration process whereby ultimate purity is achieved. Aromatic and silky smooth, the vodka is warm and rich with a hint of sweetness and a crisp finish. Each bottle comes equipped with its own LED light and on-off switch, allowing for attention grabbing illumination of the vodka. Also available in lower proof Red Velvet flavor. 40% abv.

Regarding Absolut Elyx, they said:
Named Best Vodka at the 2013 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, this is an ultra-premium single-batch vodka. It is made from the highest quality hand-selected winter wheat from the Rabeloff Castle in Southern Sweden. Each batch is 100% traceable, from the planting of the first seed all the way through to distillation and bottling. Handcrafted in traditional Swedish artisan vodka methods, Absolut Elyx is distilled in a vintage copper still that dates back to the 1920s, giving it a naturally pure and smooth texture. 42.3% abv.